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Particulate Respirators Respirators Set / Options
Breath-Response PAPR Supplied Air Respirators
Disposable Type Particulate Respirators Push-Pull Local Ventilation System
Chemical Cartride Respirators KOACH

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For inquiry or more information, please:
Send Email at overseas@koken-ltd.co.jp
Send Fax at +81 (Japan)-3-3265-1976 (Koken Ltd. International Trade Division).

Your inquiries by the telephone and the facsimile should be addressed to international trade division.

KOKEN LTD. International Trade Division
7, Yonbancho, Chiyoda-ku,Tokyo 102-8459, Japan
Telephone : 81-3-5276-1925 / Facsimile : 81-3-3265-1976

Status on marketing / national standard for approval on each product varies from country to country. Certain products in our web site may not be available in some countries due to reguratory aspects, our marketing status and / or export control law of Japan. Specifications and design on all the products are subject to change without notice. 
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