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Standard faceshield with acrylic lens.

Size:approx.W:285mm X H:205mm
  Same faceshield as Model 31 with larger lens.

Size:approx.W:295mm X H:205mm
  For work against bright light source.

Size:approx.W:305mm X H:210mm

A faceshield with potyethytenen-made headgear for wearing directly over the head without heimet.Same lens as Model 31.

Size:approx.W:285mm X H:205mm
  For use with a respirator.

Size:approx.W:360mm X H:235mm
  Headgear style faceshield with anti-fog treatment.With adjusting dial for easier fit.

Size:approx.W:285mm X H:205mm
Lens can be slided into the helmet when not in use.

Size:approx.W:230mm X H:195mm
  Standard faceshield with curved surface made of polycarbonate.

Size:approx.W:255mm X H:200mm
  A faceshield with polyethylen-made headgear for wearing directly over the head without helmet.Same lens as Mode 41.

Size:approx.W:255mm X H:200mm

Protective goggles designed to be used with Koken particutate respirators.The eyepiece is anti-fog treated.And ventilator(ventilation opening with sponge)is preinstalled on the edge of the eyepiece,preventing fogging during use.General vision-correcting eyeglasses can be used with the goggles(but certain large-sized eyeglasses are not suitable).
Eyepiece and headband are replaceable.

Lens:Cellulose resin material with anti-fog treatment.
Frame: Flexible Vinyl Chloride
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