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There is a wide range of toxic gas and vapor existing in various working environment, and toxicity and poisoning symptom resulting from intake of toxic gas and vapor varies accordingly.

Some gases are said to be substantially harmful by intake of even slight amount, and others cause chronic symptom after inhaling for a long time.

To avoid intoxication, it is important to use respiratory protective equipment such as chemical cartridge respirators and gas masks.

Upon use of chemical cartridge respirators / gas masks, hazardous nature of intended gas and vapor must be fully understood.

And it is necessary to select, use and maintain cartridges, canisters and respirators appropriate for type and concentration level of the gas and vapor existing in the workplace.

In Japan, chemical cartridge respirators / gas masks are required to pass the Japanese national standard and / or Japanese Industrial Standards (JIS T 8152) stated in the Industrial Safety and Health Law of Japan.

Koken’s chemical cartridge respirators/ gas masks shown on this catalogue have successfully passed the standards.

Examples of chemical substances and harmful effect
Applications and Generation Sources
Harmful Effect on Human Body
Composition of chloroethylene, pulp bleaching, Sterilization and disinfection of water supply and sewerage systems Skin irritation, breathing difficulty and bronchial infection
Sulfuric acid
Fertilizer, explosive powder, colorant, composition of organic compound, and petroleum refinery Skin burns, loss of sight, breathing difficulty, and pneumonia
Explosive powder, colorant, medical product, fragrance, and coating composition Skin/eye irritation, headache, dizziness, and fatigue
Carbon monoxide
Composition of methanol and raw material of ammonia Poisoning symptom, headache, nausea, dizziness and pain on four limbs
Manufacture of nitrogen fertilizer, nitric acid, and soda, refrigerant, inorganic chemical, and colorant Lung edema, skin/mucosal irritation, and impaired eyesight
Sulfurous acid
Insecticide, preservatives, disinfectant, bleacher, and antiseptic agent Eye/skin/mucosal irritation, bronchial infection, digestive disturbance, and conjunctivitis
Hydrogen sulfide
Analytical test, metal refinery, and manufacture of industrial chemicals, agricultural chemicals and medical products Eye/nasal/mucosal irritation, headache, dizziness, breathing difficulty, lung edema, and spasm
Raw material of synthetic resin, disinfectant, antiseptic agent, and deodorant Eye/skin irritation, coughing, liver/kidney damage, and cancer
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