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Investor Relations

Financial Highlights

  • Sales and Profit in Comparison

Years ended December 31(Millions of yen)

  Consolidated *
2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 Forecast
Net sales 7,500 7,785 7,936 8,459 8,326 8,600
Gross profit 3,317 3,544 3,764 4,065 3,884 -
Operating  income 370 526 634 725 466 450
(Operating income margin on sales) (4.9%) (6.8%) (8.0%) (8.6%) (5.6%) (5.2%)
Ordinary income 315 449 554 662 420 400
(Ordinary income margin on sales) (4.2%) (5.8%) (7.0%) (7.8%) (5.1%) (4.7%)
Net income 147 237 388 492 358 280
(Net income margin on sales) (2.0%) (3.1%) (4.9%) (5.8%) (4.3%) (3.3%)

* The Company began preparing consolidated financial statements in the fiscal year to December, 2014 to include Siam Koken, Ltd. as part of business operations.


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