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 KOACH, a revolutionary clean zone creator Hygiene and Safety Equipments for Medical Facilities Air Purifying Equipments and Engineering Respiratory Protective Devices for Occupational Health, Safety and Emergency
KOKEN has been pursuing "Technology Innovation" to contribute to our business domain of "Cleanliness, Health and Safety". We have been taking on the challenges presented by the three business fields,utilizing technology as the core for business development.

Respiratory Protective Devices for Occupational Health, Safety and Emergency:
Our respiratory protective devices such as particulate respirators and gas masks have achieved top market share in Japan. Our products are contributing to occupational safety and health of the workers in the nation's key industries such as nuclear power generation, steel making, shipbuilding, chemicals, and automobiles.

Air Purifying Equipment and Engineering:
We hold an excellent market reputation on our state-of-the-art technology in the field of air purification engineering for improving whole indoor environment.

Hygiene and Safety Equipment for Medical Facilities:
The Strongly Acidic “DENKAISUI” Electrolyzed Water and other technological innovations grown in our broad experience of factory safety have now begun to play a new role in the medical fields.

KOACH, a revolutionary clean zone creator:
In a short time after switch on, KOACH can create a clean zone with air cleanliness level rated at ISO Class 1 – 5. KOACH not only saves initial investment, but also saves running cost as it operates and makes clean zone only when needed just by turning on the power switch. Product line of KOACH can meet various customer requirements for clean zone, ranging from large space to limited tabletop space.


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