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Magnetic Removers of Rust / Scales "EcoBeam"

EcoBeam XL
"EcoBeam" Non-chemical water conditioning and treatment system
In medical facilities, it is very important to keep proper maintenance of water facilities.
Just simple attachment onto the exterior of water piping, its magnetic power works for corrosion prevention and descaling of pipes.
No special installation works, no maintenance works are required. Unlike chemical treatment, it is free from cleaning agent problems in the discharged water.
"EcoBeam" water conditioning and treatment system converts red rust to black rust, extends life time of pipes and consequently, extends life time of the whole facility.

Principle of "EcoBeam"
You can see the magnetic field lines with iron sand and 2 magnets placed towards each other.With "EcoBeam", no magnetic line spill-over. The magnetic field is created in one direction.
EcoBeam, invented by Mr. Justin Shraf (CEO of EcoTech International Inc.), is the innovative non-chemical water conditioning and treatment system utilizing Magneto-Hydro Dynamics; the science that changes the behavior of fluids when moving in a dense magnetic field with a specified flux.
Magnetic field intersects perpendicularly with fluid (Faraday's Law.)
When you move the magnet back and forth in a coil, a current is induced. This is the electromagnetic induction. Here, magnetic field must intersect perpendicularly with coil. EcoBeam is ideally designed to follow this principle.
Features of EcoBeam
World's strongest permanent magnet made of Neodymium rare earth with iron alloy is used.
Simple attachment onto the exterior of water piping eliminates water stoppage for installation work.
Flexible installation to comply with various pipe diameters is available with its block unit design.
Maintenance free. Semi-permanent magnet performance.
No chemical agent contamination.

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