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NBC Masks for Medical Facilities
Disasters caused by Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical materials are unpredictable accidents and they are called NBC Disasters. However, in most cases they are terror attacks.
Taking into consideration the current international situation, it may be required to prepare countermeasures against NBC disasters at events that attract large crowds. It can happen anytime and anywhere. Moreover, once it happens, many casualties will be transferred to the regional medical center. In this case, decontamination of them is required and protective clothes and respirators for medical and rescue workers are needed.
Protective respirators for medical admissions staff against NBC contaminants with casualties, are also needed.

NBC Evacuation respirator
Model TZ-1
Model TH-1
Model TH-1H

TZ-1 full facepiece respirator protects wearer from breathing radioactive particulates, weaponized anthrax, sarin and cyanide fume.
Half face type model TH-1 and TH-1H (Hood type) uses the same cartridge as TZ-1 and they cover nose and mouth only. These models are equivalent to EPA (Environmental Protection Agency, USA) Level C , guide line for Personal Protective Equipment.

Caution: These respirators do NOT eliminate risk of infection. Efficiency depends on the types of NBC weapons, and NOT assures complete protection. Especially, they do NOT supply perfect protection especially against chemical weapons that can be absorbed through skin. With some virus, performance will be decreased.

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