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Push-Pull Local Ventilation System


Push-Pull Local Ventilation System makes workplace more comfortable.
Harmful substances arose from production area are floating in the mid air with various kinds of shapes and generated form (such as gases, particulates and fumes).
The magical air current, Laminar Air Flow, generated from "KOKEN LAMINAR" captures such inhalant particulates, organic solvent vapor, chemical gases and fumes, and then it exhausts them out to make the work place comfortable.

The Magical Air Current is "Laminar Air Flow"
The air current originated from push hood moves towards the pull hood with keeping the same velocity as well as the same air current vector. Then, an invisible air layers are formed in the midst of the open air. However, with such a very low air current flow velocity as 0.2-1.0m/s, you can not feel it even you are in the center of it.
Moreover, Laminar Air has a character of “flow recovery”. That means even the flow is disturbed by some obstacle in its path, the air flow returns into the original shape once passed through it.
Do you believe such air current flow really exists? Yes, here is! The biggest feature of "KOKEN LAMINAR" is this magical air current. It is very difficult to create uniformed laminar air flow having same vector in the air. KOKEN made it possible with our original Push Hood and Pull Hood technology as well as our air current engineering technology.

Push Hood PS-21H

Push Hood

High laminarity has an important role to generate laminar air. The quality of laminar air depends on the Push Hood. High performance of Push Hood is deadly needed for high quality of laminar air. Otherwise, it will be only a fan, which even scatters harmful substances.

Air Current flow velocity distribution chart
Each velocity level is highlighted by colors.

Data shown are obtained at 10cm in front of the Push Hood.
Velocity is maintained
± 20%.

Data shown are obtained 1.5m away form Pull Hood.
Original air current distribution is still well maintained.

Choice from 3 types of air current flow patterns

The best air current flow suitable for each application such as Fume, Particulate and Gas can be chosen from oblique, descent and horizontal flow patterns.

Free from poor weld result
Thanks to its very low velocity and uniformed laminar air current flow, defect free arc welding results ("shield gas" can't be effected) can be expected.

Ventilation without spoiling workability is available.
Ventilated area can be configured without fencing off spacious area.

No masks are required within LAMINAR AIR field. (In Japan)
In Japan, Push-Pull Local Ventilation System has been approved as the same category with conventional local ventilation system by Government regulations. This enables factory workers to take off their masks.

Energy Saving
Push-Pull Local Ventilation System runs with very little amount of air current flow. This makes the whole system compact and can minimize load to air-conditionings. Eventually, running cost will be lower than that of conventional local ventilation systems.

Versatile Ventilation
Compared to the conventional local ventilation system, KOKEN LAMINAR is able to ventilate spacious workplace with stable and wide air flow. Therefore, it is also recommended for the workplaces with larger source of fumes.
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