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Push-Pull Local Ventilation System for Medical Facilities

Workers at medical facilities are exposed to various kinds of chemical substances, which amount depends on its type, usage and manner of handlings. Sometimes, it is harmful to the human health if overexposed. In this connection, administrative guidances are directed because some of chemicals used in medical facilities can be seen as a cause of cancer. For example, it is said that such chemicals as Ethylene Oxide / Glutaraldehyde for sterilizer and Formaldehyde used in the pathology laboratory are harmful to human, can cause breathing problem and nerve damages.

KOKEN's Push-Pull Local Ventilation System, KOKEN LAMINAR, creates uniformed laminar air flow having common vectors to distant places without spreading contaminants and keeps spacious workplace clean.

To make comfortable work environment, it is important to ventilate vapor and gas of toxic chemical substances efficiently without diffusing them around. Laminar Air Flow* driven by Push-Pull Local Ventilation System can do it.
*Laminar Air Flow: A uniformed air flow having common vectors

For work with Ethyleneoxide (at the sterilize chamber)

Push Hood is installed at the top of the sterilize chamber and Pull Hood is installed besides the door of it. Laminar Air Flow protects operator from getting exposed with the Ethyleneoxide gas when he/she accesses the chamber.

For work with Formaldehyde
(at the pathology laboratory)
For work with Glutaraldehyde
(at endoscope channel cleaning)

Table Top Push-Pull Local Ventilation System model Laminar Table HD-51
Descent airflow captures annoying Formaldehyde odor using consumable filter.

Open Hood Laminar Flow Bench Model Laminar Table HD-51

Compact Push-Pull Local Ventilation System model Koken Laminar MS-01
This system's application is mainly for ventilating Glutaraldehyde vapor during endoscope channel cleaning. Slim shape can fit into limited spaces.

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