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Particulate Respirators for Infection Control

New infectious diseases can appear one after another.
We are having tough time to struggle with newly appeared SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome), which brings skyrocketing increase of infected patients and outbreak of widespread infections.
Nowadays, people and commodities are moving around in the world regardless borders. This means, once it breaks out, it takes long time and requires huge effort for us to cease the epidemic. Also, it is important to minimize the workers' risk for SARS in medical facilities.
Moreover, we have to get prepared ourselves for the new type of communicable diseases, against which our countermeasures are still not established. This means that preparing counter measures against nosocomial infection have significant importance.
Indeed, route of infection may vary. However, particulate respirators are effective to prevent droplet infections.
It is said that particulate respirators were introduced to the medical field from the filed of occupational health and safety as a protective device against tuberculosis. And particulate respirators are commonly used in conventional manufacturing industries. None of the industries in the current world have nothing to do with hazardous production environment with various kind of Toxic substances. KOKEN's products are contributing to occupational safety and health of the labors in the nation's key industries such as nuclear power generation, steel making, ship building, semiconductor manufacturing and automobiles.

Replaceable particulate respirator
Model 7121R

Twin cartridge for smoother breathing.
Skin friendly silicone Facepiece
Passed National Assay category RL3
* Category RL3 has equivalent or higher particulate capturing efficiency.

Disposable particulate respirator
Model Hi-Luck 370

Disposable mask with high efficient filter.
3D facepiece cushion to fit onto face.
Passed National Assay category DS2
* Category DS2 has equivalent or higher particulate capturing efficiency.
* The Hi-Luck 370 disposable dust mask cleared N95 certification from the U.S National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health(NIOSH).

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