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SCBA, Supplied Air Respirators and Protection Goggles

Technology for Emergency

Unpredictable accidents such as fire, explosions and terrorists' attacks can happen anytime and anywhere. Emergency risk management is now very important criteria. Therefore, KOKEN has been devoting in the development of various kinds of emergency technology. This brought many products into market, like "VITUS" Self Contained Berthing Apparatus, indispensable gear for firefighters, and TYPE-4 specially designed Gas Mask for Japan Self Defense Force, as seen in Tokyo Subway Sarin attacks. They have proven our product performance under severe conditions.

For eyes' protection
Dust-proof goggle
Model KR-11
Model KR-11 is a clear and wide view goggle to protect microbe like anthrax from getting into eyes. It is designed to compatible with particulate respirators. Opening for ventilation helps eye-piece kept defogged.
Encapsulated goggle
Model M10C-VF
Model M10C-VF is a fog-proof goggle. Hydrophilic polymer coating prevents eye-piece from getting clouded over with condensation. Also, the elastic eye-piece is scratch resistant.
It is an encapsulated goggle. No opening hole for ventilation assures higher protection against dusts and droplets.
Caution: These products do not guarantee to eliminate the risk of infections.

Safety measures to work with chemicals and to care casualties
Hood style
airline mask
Model M5-H
Model M5-H is a hood style airline mask. Breathing air is supplied from tubing to the hood, which is also designed to protect the head. It is suitable for prolonged activity with smooth breathing.
Model VITUS 3-A
Air Open-Circuit
Model VITUS 3-A Compressed Air Open-Circuit
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