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“EcoBeam”- Magnetic Water Treatment DeviceGo to the page for the basic knowledge of “EcoBeam”!

  • What is EcoBeam?

EcoBeam can solve water-associated problems in water pipes using powerful magnets. It can remove soft flowing layers of red rust, scales and slimes which cause water to be rusty in water pipes. It also can improve operating efficiencies of plumbing equipment and prevent the deterioration of plumbing pipes due to corrosion.

EcoBeam XL EcoBeam Solo

It removes water scales accumulated firmly in water pipes.

It removes rust from water lines.

By solving water problems such as scales and rust, operating efficiencies of plumbing equipment can be improved and the deterioration of water pipes can be avoided.

  • Benefits of using EcoBeam

The following benefits enable EcoBeam users to realize a significant cost saving and reduce CO2 emissions.

  1. By shifting from using water treatment chemicals to operate and maintain the plumbing equipment, a significant reduction in the use of chemicals can be realized, resulting in overall cost saving.
  2. Non-chemical water treatment helps reduce water drainage costs.
  3. Reduction of water usage of cooling towers.
  4. Reduction of energy loss in water facilities that use water as a heat transfer medium
  5. Extension of operational life of water facilities
  • Product specifications

Two types of EcoBeam products are available: EcoBeam XL can be attached to a wide variety of water pipes with both small and wide calibers while Eco Beam Solo is dedicated for small caliber pipes for ordinary residential use.

Product name EcoBeam XL EcoBeam Solo
(Internal reference value)
Approx.315g per piece Approx.500g
Dimensions/form 40mm(W) X 92mm(L) X 34.5mm(H)
50mm(W) X 137mm(L) X 52mm to Max. 74mm(H)
Plumbing size that allows installation of EcoBeam Outside diameter of a pipe:18 to 365mm (Nominal diameter: 12.5 to 350A)
*Number of installed magnets depends on size of a pipe
Outside diameter of a pipe: 12.7 to 34mm
(Nominal diameter: 10 to 25A)
Allowable limits of water temperatures Between 5 and 70℃
Installation is not allowed on a pipe that generates more than 70℃.
(May be allowed when it is covered with a heat-insulating material.)
Ambient temperature Between 0 and 40℃
Ambient humidity Less than 85%RH
Safety distance from other equipment When installing an EcoBeam, provide a clearance of at least 50cm from other facility equipment such as water meter and a pump.
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