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Basic Knowledge of “EcoBeam”

  • What’s different about EcoBeam and other products?
No large-scale installation work is necessary

EcoBeam is placed “on-line” on the outside of a water pipe unlike “in-line” method which requires the pipe to be cut (for a bypass). Therefore, no large-scale installation work which may involve a disruption of water supply or a temporary halt of operation is necessary. It takes only about 20 minutes to install it (The time may change with the installation situation.)

No pressure loss in a water pipe

There is absolutely no pressure loss because EcoBeam is placed “on-line” on the outside of a pipe and does not disrupt the water flow. Because a pipe does not have to be cut for a bypass, there is no need to worry over a possible water leakage from the installed area.

No pressure loss in a water pipe

Economical due to no electricity expenses

EcoBeam made of strong neodymium type permanent magnets does not need an external power source or a replacement of consumables. It does not require maintenance of EcoBeam itself after installation.

Investment cost can be minimized because EcoBeam consists of modular units.

You may increase the number of unit of EcoBeam as the diameter of a pipe increases. Without worrying about the possible waste of EcoBeam, you may install it regardless of the diameter of a water pipe. (It is effective for a pipe in a maximum nominal diameter of 350A.)

Example of 8 EcoBeams attached Example of 12 EcoBeams attahed

Can be installed on a pipe made of any type of materials

EcoBeam can be installed on a pipe made of steel, stainless steel, copper, poly vinyl and any other types of materials.

Compact and light

EcoBeam is very compact and its installation space does not pose any problem. Being light, it does not impose an excessive burden on a pipe.

Less magnetic effects on peripheral devices after installation

When EcoBeam is in use, lines of magnetic force are designed to be concentrated near the center of a water pipe and a care is taken to reduce their leakage to the surrounding area. As a precautionary measure, however, a clearance of at least 50cm from other facility equipment such as water meter and a pump should be provided when installing EcoBeam.

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