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Table Top Push-Pull Local Ventilation System
Laminar Air Flow provides good observation visibility and operator’s comfort.
HD-51, for work with Formaldehyde
Built-in “FA Filters” remove Formaldehyde vapor.

Laminar Airflow
Down stream laminar airflow generated by the top Push Hood captures Formaldehyde vapor arose from table top jobs. Then, it is ventilated through the Pull Hood in the Baseboard.

Efficient Filters
Compared to Gas Scrubbers, the FA filters are made simple. Specially processed activated carbon filters efficiently captures formaldehyde, that was difficult by conventional ones.

Indoor Air Circulation
Filtered air is returned to the room. No exhaust ducting works are required.
Desktop Push-Pull Local Ventilation System
“ Laminar Table HD-51”
Cabinet Dimensions : W:1,020mm × D:750mm × H:1,065mm
Working Area : W:500mm × D:320mm
Weight : 85kg (Excluding FA Filters)
Pushed Air Velocity : 0.4m/s
Exhaustion Blower : 6.3~8m3/min or more
Lighting : Fluorescent Lamp 20W * 1
Power Supply : Single Phase 100V 50Hz/60Hz
Power Consumption : 220W
FA Filter
Dimensions : DIA:100mm × 305mm
Cartridge Material : Polypropylene
Weight : Apx. 950g
Absorbent : Specially processed activated carbon
Sorbability : 1ppm More than 60 hrs
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