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Followings are key points in selecting respirators.
> Filtering Efficiency
Generally speaking, inhalation resistance increases as filtering efficiency increases. Therefore, it is important to select respirators appropriate for each workplace.

> Inhalation Resistance
Wearer’s respiratory burden increases as inhalation resistance increases. Choose respirators with lower inhalation resistance.

> Fitness
Even with higher filtering efficiency and lower inhalation resistance, toxic substance leaks from the opening between face and facepiece unless the respirator appropriately fits on face. Choose respirators that allows wearer to easily check fitness of face and facepiece while donning (ex. respirators with built-in fit checker).
  > Facepiece Material
Make sure that the facepiece part making contact with face is made of skin-friendly material. Especially wearers with sensitive skin should choose respirators with soft material kind to the skin (ex. silicone).

> Exhalation Resistance
Wearer’s respiratory burden increases as exhalation resistance increases. And substantial amount of toxic substance leaks unless exhalation valve operates properly. Choose respirators with structure where exhalation valve is protected from external forces.

> Headband
Choose respirators with adjustable headband with enough length and appropriate elasticity. The headband must be designed to reliably hold respirator.

Features of Koken Respirators
Technology for ensuring fitness and donning comfort
Silicone Facepiece
Built-In Fit Checker
Silicone is a skin-friendly material with less irritating properties. It synchronizes with the change in facial expression, and therefore, ensures stable donning. Silicone is also known as durable material with stable physical properties.
With a built-in fit checker, fitness can be checked at ease while donning.
(Models 1010A, 1005R, 1005RR and 1821H)
By simply lifting fit checker up with finger, inhalation opening is closed, allowing wearer to perform negative pressure fit test.
Free-Position Under-Chin Structure
Facepiece, with large face-contacting area which thoroughly covers up to lower end of chin, substantially enhances fitness. It is designed to provide fitness for various facial sizes and shapes. (Models 1005R, 1005RR, 1021R, 1091D, 1111, 1180, 1180C, 1121R, G-7, GW-7, R-5 and RR-7)
HAWC (High Adaptable Wide Concave) lip is designed to provide wearer with suctorial effect, in which fitness between face and face-contacting area of the facepiece is enhanced. (Models 1821H and HV-22)
Headband for stable donning
Water Repellant Treatment
Flame Retardant Treatment
Improved fitness is obtained with 3-dimentional plastic-molded cradle harness.
All Alpha Ring Filters are water-repellant treated, for protection against oil mist and water droplets, ensuring easier breathing. (Models 1111, 1180, 1180C 1121R and 1821H)
Alpha Ring Filters with flame retardant treatment for protection against sparks such as sputter. (Models 1111, 1180 and 1121R)
Bonnet-Style Facepiece Enclosure
Speaking Diaphragm
Installed inside the bonnet enclosure, exhalation valve is effectively protected from external factors such as wind. Exhaled air which stays inside the enclosure acts as a barrier to shut off possible inward leakage, allowing the exhalation valve to operate effectively.
(Models 1111, 1180, 1180C and G-7)
“D-series” respirators with speaking diaphragm for verbal communication Speaking diaphragm, pre-installed at the center of the respirator, effectively transfers vocally-generated sound. It allows verbal communication and instruction among wearers.
(Models 1091D, 1821H and HV-22)
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