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Clean air is supplied from remote source to respirator.
Supplied air respirator allows wearer to breathe clean air supplied by motor-driven blower or compressor through air supply hose. It enables wearer to work in oxygen-deficient workplace or environment with a high concentration level of toxic gas and/or dust. As clean air is supplied from remote air source, wearer can breathe with comfort and operate for long hours. Some models are not applicable for excessively toxic environment.
For operation in confined area.
Full-face model with added security.
Do NOT use this respirator in oxygen-deficient environment (where oxygen concentration level is less than 18%) and/or workplace where brief exposure to the gas could cause illness or death.
Standard model with a wide viewing range.
(For protection against chemicals).
For sand-blasting and shotblasting applications.
For helmet use (Option: Helmet Type MP)
This model is supplied with portable filtering cartridge that can remove oil mist contained in supplied air.
With air volume control knob
(with anti-rotation device).
Hood : Flexible vinyl chloride
Face Shield : Acrylic
Head Gear Type.
Durable hood made of sailcloth.
With air volume control knob
(with anti-rotation device).
Hood: Sailcloth.
Face Shield : Acrylic
Wire Sheet : Brass
Face shield type with enhanced comfort.  
Full-face hose mask, with the use of 100V power source.

A light-weight Hi-Scope V facepiece provides wearer with enhanced airtight seal and wide viewing range (with speaking diaphragm).
Y-shaped breathing hose style for enhanced workability.
With a dial-style air volume control knob.
With a blue portable bag.
Head gear style.
With air volume control knob
Tyvek hood (option) for protecting head and shoulders from paint spray exposure.
Face Shield: Acrylic Caution : Model AFP-1 is NOT JIS T 8153 compatible.


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