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“IMADEZE®”- Antimicrobial AgentGo to the page for the basic knowledge of IMADEZE®!

  • People’s defense and safety orientation and hygiene consciousness against bacteria and viruses are expected to be intensified in the future.

Recently there is an increasing risk of acquiring an infection caused by bacteria or viruses such as bird flu, nosocomial infection and food poisoning. In addition, it is now necessary to take precautions against Ebola hemorrhagic fever or emerging infectious disease such as MERS. Recent well-sealed houses and global warming are helping bring about a change in our life environment that may facilitate the growth of bacteria or fungi. Against this backdrop, people’s defense and safety orientation and hygiene consciousness against bacteria and viruses are expected to be intensified in the future.

Being inspired by its slogan: “Contribute to society in the fields of cleanliness, health and safety,” KOKEN Ltd. is engaged in manufacturing and selling clean room systems, medical equipment, particulate respirators and chemical cartridge respirators. The development of an antimicrobial agent should be regarded as part of its business expansion into the ‘health’ field, which will lead to the growth and enhancement of its business segments as well as a further contribution to society.

  • Outline of “IMADEZE®” - Antimicrobial Agent
Basically, copper is an essential microelement and is gentle to the human body as it is classified by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare as a nutrient composition with Nutrient Function Claims. The natural antimicrobial properties of copper have been used in a daily life from older times, such as kitchenware in a wet room. On the other hand, verdigris formed on the surface of the metallic copper was believed to be highly toxic and the antimicrobial action of copper per element unit is weaker than that of silver, it has been rarely used as material for antimicrobial agent.
Outline of “IMADEZE®,” an antimicrobial agent

In 2008, however, the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) approved the registration of copper as an antimicrobial material, effective to the public health, allowing manufacturers to claim that copper surfaces can kill deadly bacteria that pose a threat to human health.

In Japan, too, verdigris were found to be harmless in an animal study conducted by the Health Ministry, and copper is currently receiving renewed attention as a safer antimicrobial agent.

KOKEN Ltd. discovered that a mixture of polylactate copper salt (which is made from a polymerization reaction of copper and lactic acid) and polylactate has an excellent antimicrobial property. This discovery has led to the development of a new antimicrobial agent.

This copper-based antimicrobial agent “IMADEZE®” (Patent publication number: 2010-150239) has a strong antimicrobial action, an antifungal property and an antiviral resistance and yet, is friendly to the human body and the environment.

  • Future business development

Although a large number of antimicrobial agents and antimicrobial products are already sold in the market, we are striving to take advantage of IMADEZE®’ high performance to find a niche for ourselves to expand the business in this antimicrobial market.

  1. Realize high-added values in our existing product lines
    -Apply this technology to our products for infection control or flu pandemic such as respirators and personal protective clothing with added-value of antimicrobial function.
  2. Develop and sell our own products in the health field.
    -Develop and sell medical equipment and other antimicrobial products.
  3. Supply our antimicrobial agents as a raw material to other manufacturers
    -Supply our products by selling directly, licensing and setting up a partnership with others.

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