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About Us

Message from Top Management

About Us

KOKEN has many unique “expressions,” “behaviors,” and “systems” that describe our original management style, which people outside the company may not fully comprehend. Some examples are (1) Pursuit of imagination and creativity during work [Code of conduct], (2) Seek for wants, not for needs [R&D], (3) Management position indicates only job function, not a status in organization hierarchy [HR policy] and (4) A factory is called a “Technoyard.” [Monodzukuri (manufacturing)]. That is why KOKEN is often times reputed to be a unique (or rather peculiar) company.

These unique expressions, behaviors and systems have been created after a careful consideration from all angles of how KOKEN should survive as a corporation while honoring the fundamental value of social justice. They are not the products born out of impromptu ideas or whims. Although some of them may differ from conventional wisdom, they, nevertheless, indicate what a corporation should behave as a corporate citizen or simply as a corporation based on the firm belief that we should put priority on human life and the existence of a corporation.

Built on the foundation of the corporate DNA that KOKEN has developed until now, we will strive to achieve further growth with the determination to uphold the three management principles of (1) Develop human resources, (2) Foster technological development and (3) Nurture new markets in Cleanliness, Health and Safety business domains.

In this website, we would like to introduce such KOKEN DNAs to our readers. We hope you will enjoy reading them.

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