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About Us

Corporate Philosophy

  • Management Principles
  1. Develop human resources
  2. Foster technological development
  3. Nurture new markets in cleanliness, health and safety business domains

Since its foundation, the Company has grown with the Sakais who founded it at the center to become a leading manufacturer of industrial respirators in Japan.

Never satisfied with what we have achieved so far, we are advancing into the cleanliness, health and safety domains to expand operations for further growth. To achieve this ambition, we have made special efforts to develop human resources for future leaders who are independent of the Sakais and have significantly rejuvenated the current management.

Under the new management the Company will strive to achieve further growth with its determination to uphold the three management principles that are built on the foundation of the Company’s DNA.

  • Action Guidelines that Employees should follow
  1. We will pursue innovation in our business domains of “cleanliness, health and safety.” By supplying the technologies, services and cultural information (ideas) which we have developed to our customers at a fair price, we will contribute to society, and at the same time enrich our lives.
  2. We will create new values by thinking hard and taking concrete action and pursue the happiness of ourselves together with people around us.
  3. We will take action now in order to make KOKEN a more excellent company for the next generation and the generation after the next of employees with the firm belief that the future employees will make it still better.
  4. We will always learn and reflect on what we have learned in pursuit of true originality.
  5. Trust that our customers place in us will guide our actions.

To contribute to society through the pursuit of innovation in the business domains of cleanliness, safety and health is one of the action guidelines that our employees should follow. Needless to say, focusing exclusively on core business activities is the best way of contributing to society.

Always bearing in mind that each individual effort in an assigned job will eventually contribute to society at large, each employee will strive to take on his/her job responsibly.

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