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Investor Relations

Basic Environmental Policy

Based on its firm belief that the highest value should be placed on human life, KOKEN LTD. commits itself to conduct those businesses that are related to Cleanliness, Health and Safety that directly affects human life and will provide our society with products based on technology with a high level of originality.

KOKEN LTD. sees preservation of the global environment while aiming at an economic growth, as important responsibility. To reduce environmental impacts of our business activities through our voluntary efforts and at the same time, to supply useful products and services to our customers who are making efforts to promote environmental preservation, we will try the following tasks.

  1. KOKEN LTD. will always try to strengthen its original product development and at the same time will work on the design development that will take into consideration environmental impacts of the products at all stages in their lifecycles.
  2. To manage a proper and efficient use of resource and energy to manufacture products, KOKEN LTD. will try to intensify its voluntary environmental improvement activities and will try to develop monodzukuri (manufacturing) capability based on succession of the established know-how.
  3. KOKEN LTD. will try to provide products and services with high ecological value by taking advantage of its unique technology.
  4. KOKEN LTD. will not only comply with the environmental laws and regulations, but also will try to promote environmental education to its employees and strengthen its social contribution activities.

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