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Investor Relations

Quality Policy

Based on its firm belief that the highest value should be placed on human life, KOKEN LTD.
commits itself to conduct those businesses that are related to Cleanliness, Health and Safety that directly affects human life and will provide our society with products based on technology with a high level of originality.
To this end, our products must meet the quality standards described below.

  1. In designing products, KOKEN LTD. shall take customer’s point of view, provide them with sufficient performance and safety to support a human life and they shall meet or surpass the pertinent quality standards.
  2. In producing products, KOKEN LTD. shall apply statistic methods to prove that a manufacturing process is controlled within an allowable range of variations and thus totally reliable.
  3. At all stages from design to production, KOKEN LTD. shall constantly improve work processes and maintain its competitive edge.
  4. KOKEN LTD. shall correctly inform users of product’s performance and the direction for use and make sure that they will not misuse the product.
  5. Occupational health and safety shall be given priority in all work processes.

【Quality Management System】Quality Assurance System Chart (PDF:111KB)

The quality management system based on the quality policy of KOKEN LTD. is described below.

  1. R&D and Design stage (Dept. of Development, Technoyard and Marketing & Sales Group)
    ・Design and development personnel must be qualified under the KOKEN original training system.
    -Personnel who is in charge of design must be chosen according to a level of skill that is required for a job.
    ・A project must go through many stages of reviews/examinations before reaching a final regular production.
    -An examination Committee consisting of qualified personnel must examine pre-production product models.
  2. Preparation for regular production stage (Marketing & Sales Group, Technoyard and Quality Assurance Office)
    ・Procedures and product specifications for regular production run must be prepared.
    -Matters discussed at an examination committee shall be reflected in the procedures and product specifications.
  3. Production and Inspection stage (Technoyard and Quality Assurance Office)
    ・The next stage in the process must not start unless an inspection at the prior stages have been completed.
    -An inspector at each stage shall be chosen from qualified personnel.
    ・Monitoring and measurement of production processes
    An inspector from Quality Assurance Office will pick up a sample from the production line at a certain pre-determined stage to decide if it conforms to the “product specifications.” By so doing, whether or not production and in-process inspection at a Technoyard is properly carried out will be examined. Inspectors shall be chosen from qualified personnel.
  4. Sales and Services to customers stage (Sales departments)
    ・Services to meet customer requests and how they should be fed back to the Development Department
    Customer services and feedback shall be conducted through branch offices, acting as the window to customers.

【ISO 9001 Quality Management System (Certification)】

Registered Number :
JSAQ 405
Date of registration :
January 4, 1999
Name of registered company :
Applied standards :
JIS Q 9001 : 2015 / ISO 9001 : 2015
Scope :
Design, development and manufacturing of particulate respirator, gas mask, supplied air respirator and Powered-Air Purifying Respirator
Certification body :
JSA Solutions Co.,Ltd.

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