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Local Ventilation System
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  • Good ventilation may eventually eliminate the need for workers to wear a mask for respiratory protection.

While KOKEN’s main products such as particulate respirators and chemical cartridge respirators are useful to protect factory workers or health care professionals from hazardous particles and gasses, wearing a respirator, despite its many benefits, can be stifling and cumbersome. While we work hard to improve our respirators to reduce the burden on workers who wear them, we are also strengthening the business of ventilation systems.

The installment of a ventilation system may eliminate the need for wearing a respirator entirely. As an ultimate solution provider, however, it matters little whether we supply respirators or ventilation systems as far as our intended purpose of protecting the health of workers is fulfilled. With this policy in mind, we are engaged in the business of ventilation systems.

  • Efforts to popularize push-pull local ventilation systems

A mainstream ventilation system to reduce particles and gases in the working environment in the 1990s was local exhaust ventilation. We conducted an intensive research and development project to develop a new open type push-pull ventilation system to provide a more efficient ventilation and finally KOKENLAMINAR was completed and introduced to the market.

KOKENLAMINAR has been used in about 4,000 medical and industrial facilities until now as a highly effective ventilation system to reduce worker exposure to particles and gases while maintaining a superior workability due to its open structure (a workspace is not surrounded by a wall).

In the light of the proliferation of KOKEN’s KOKENLAMINAR in Japan, push-pull local ventilation system has been legally approved as the same category with conventional local ventilation system by the Japanese government.

Push-pull local ventilation system

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