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Safety Solutions

KOKEN provides safety solutions by manufacturing and selling the following respirators and other personal protective equipment.

  • Respirators for Industrial Use
To protect the health of workers against harmful substances generated at a factory or on a construction site, it is necessary for them to wear a respiratory protective device such as a respirator as a personal protective measure to prevent exposure to them along with improving their general working conditions.
KOKEN manufactures and sells respirators for industrial use including particulate respirators, chemical cartridge respirators and gas masks for various types and concentrations of harmful substances in the different work environments.
respirators for industrial use
  • Respirators for General Consumers
Recently due to the frequent occurrences of bird flu and PM2.5, even ordinary consumers are required to wear high performance respirators.
Making full use of its strengths as a manufacturer that has manufactured and sold industrial use respirators for many years, the company has developed and launched respirators for use by the general public that ordinary people can use safely with total confidence.
respirators for use by the general public
  • Protective clothes, ear plugs, face shields etc.
In addition to the respiratory protective devices such as a respirator, the company offers protective clothes that prevent skin damage when handling chemicals, ear plugs that prevent noise-induced hearing loss and faceshields that protect eyes and face from flying objects or radiation heat.
Protective clothes, ear plugs, face shields etc.
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