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Respirators for Industrial Use

To protect the health of workers against harmful substances that generate in workplaces such as factories and construction sites, the use of personal protective equipment (PPE) is required individually along with improvements in the work environment. PPE includes such respiratory protective equipment (RPE) as particulates respirators and chemical cartridge respirators.

Industrial Respirators

Types of harmful substances that are generated in your workplace vary depending on the kind of work you are engaged in. Therefore, you must choose the correct RPE appropriate for the type and concentration of such harmful substances.
To correctly select RPE the following points should be considered.

Identify the potential hazard in your workplace and choose the respirator appropriate for that work condition.

Various kinds of toxic gas, vapor and harmful dust depending on work applications exist in workplace. Therefore, it is necessary to know environmental conditions such as types of the toxic substance, concentrations, etc. Understand the harmfulness of the target substances and choose an appropriate RPE.

Airtightness (face fit) is important to ensure high filtering efficiency and decontamination performance.

・Choose a respirator that fits on the shape of your face.
・Wear the respirator in airtight condition.
・Choose a respirator with a feature designed to prevent leakage of dust, gas, etc.

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