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Protective Clothing, Ear Protective Devices, Faceshields, etc.

  • Personal Protective Equipment other than Respirators

Apart from the respiratory protective equipment such as the respirator to protect the respiratory system of the wearer from harmful substances, we manufacture and sell protective clothing to protect the body from toxic chemicals, ear protective devices to protect the ears from loud noises and help prevent hearing loss from occurring and faceshields to protect the face from flying objects.

  • Protective Clothing

Chemical Suit

Chemical Suit
It is designed to prevent skin irritation or percutaneous poisoning caused by chemical exposure during the work where a worker handles acids, mineral/vegetable oil, chemical agents and similar products.

Cool Blow Wear

Cool Blow Wear
By sending filter-purified cool air into the protective wear, it is designed to prevent heat and inward leakage of contaminants.

Dust Hood

Dust Hood
It is designed to prevent accumulation of particulates on the head and shoulder.
  • Ear Protective Devices

Loud noises in our surroundings may cause not only physiological and psychological malignant effects on the human body but also irrevocable noise-induced hearing loss. To prevent such damages caused by noise, it is necessary to install a noise-reduction facility or wear an ear protective device in a place where a sound level is over 85dB.
There are two types of ear protective devices according to JIS T 8161: Ear plugs and ear muffs.

Ear Plugs

Ear plugs
JIS Type 1 ear plugs are designed to insulate broad band sound from low-pitched to high-pitched sound while JIS Type 2 ear plugs are designed to reduce mainly high-pitched noises and allow low level sound of conversation.

Ear Muffs

Ear muffs
Ear muffs are a type of ear protective device that covers the wearer’s ears for protection.
  • Faceshields

There are several types of faceshields but major type are: Disaster prevention faceshield to protect the eyes and the face from flying objects or airborne particulates and welding mask to protect the wearer from UV or visible lights during arc welding work.

Acrylic Faceshield

Acrylic faceshield
It is used to protect the wearer’s face from airborne liquid and/or particulates.

Polycarbonate Faceshield

Polycarbonate faceshield
It is used to protect the wearer’s face from airborne liquid and/or particulates.
It is more elastic than acrylic faceshield for better protection.
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